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When my parents came to this country, they had everything thrown at them. They believed that in society we all look after each other and that if someone fell we should be there to help them stand again.

I remember being told at school that I could not pursue the career I wanted because of who I am and where I was from. That gave me the determination to have my voice heard and that of other young people.

Labour transformed my life. Better school buildings, getting into university and working as a teacher where every child did matter. Sure Start helped me when I needed it most, my daughter getting on the savings ladder with the Child Trust Fund and my late husband receiving outstanding cancer care.

My story will be not that different from the thousands of families in Watford. People who just want the opportunity and chance to do better, to get on.

As a Labour councillor for 8 years, I have helped shape and deliver a Labour Manifesto. With very little, we have been able to create great things. Making a difference to people.

From new council homes, to building new medical centres, special schools and adult education centres. Supporting local businesses, high streets and creating employment opportunities. But more importantly, people have a voice and involvement in the decisions that impact their lives. That is what Labour can do in power.

Our communities need a Labour government. Watford needs a Labour MP. Someone who will fight for its NHS and hospital, for better public transport, for affordable housing and protections for leaseholders.

I work hard for residents. I campaign all year round speaking to voters, addressing their concerns and being their voice. I will be a Labour MP that will work with all our members, our councillors and all communities.




My experience

0 years
Teacher Of History
0 years
Local Authority School Governor
0 year
London Regional Board Vice Chair
0 years
Labour Party Membership
0 years
Constituency Labour Party Chair
0 years
Councillor for Fryent Ward in London Borough of Brent
0 years
Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Property and Planning
0 years
LGA Labour Peer Member

Graduated from the University of Kent, BA History (Hons)


Qualified as Secondary History Teacher


Started teaching in Smethwick, Sandwell in the West Midlands


Joined The Labour Party


Started teaching in Neasden, Brent, London


Elected Brent North CLP Chair


Elected Councillor for Fryent, Brent


Appointed Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Growth, Employment and Skills at Brent Council



Became Local Authority Governor at local primary school


Re-elected as a councillor for Fryent Ward


Appointed Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Property & Planning at Brent Council


Became LGA Labour Peer Mentor


Elected as Vice-Chair of London Labour Regional Executive Board


Co-Chair of Labour to Win


Elected to Kingsbury Ward, Brent


Appointed Cabinet Member of Regeneration and Planning at Brent Council.


My Story

My Story

My promises as your Labour Candidate

Work with members

Members are the beating heart of any campaign and I will work with members across the constituency, setting up local action teams and look to recruit more members.


This is a crucial seat and campaigning is key. I will campaign weekly, all year round meeting voters and be grounded in the community.


I will also hold regular and a variety of fundraising events to help support our General and Local Election campaigns.

My priorities as an MP

Accessible and accountable

As our MP I will ensure responsiveness to residents and members. Regular surgeries and regular reports back to you as members.

Fight for better public services

particularly for better bus routes and NHS services

Fight for more council & affordable housing

for better rights and protections for leaseholders, private renters and people who dealing with fire safety and cladding issues.

Fight for schools and the funding they need

Do all I can to help people through the Cost of Living Crisis

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Brent Council launches a Skills Bootcamp to help women enter the field of gas engineering and advance their careers.

A new low for the former Conservative Home Secretary Suella Braverman, whipping up Islamophobia at a time when tensions are high and MPs are facing serious threats to their safety.

This does nothing but cause division between communities.

Very powerful statement from Lindsay Hoyle just now. I don't think we've properly begun to grasp the risk MPs - of all parties - are facing right now, and how much worse it has become. Can't even imagine operating under the pressure of knowing you and your loved ones are at risk

The current Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, was found guilty of electoral fraud and disqualified from holding office for five years. That period of time came to an end in 2021 and following the May 2022 elections Rahman become Mayor for the second time.